How to insulate the walls of your home.

Winter is here soon, so our attention is drawn to our homes and how comfortable they are… or aren’t.

All around our nation, home owners have been gradually insulating ceilings, windows and floors – because these are relatively easy to do. And that leaves just the walls. And we don’t know what to do! That’s because walls are so hard to get at.

When undertaking our ‘Barriers to Behaviour Change’ project the difficulty of insulating walls (that is, the walls that are already built and cladded) was identified as one of the most annoying and significant barriers to making our homes more thermally efficient.

Our ‘How to insulate the walls of your home’ guide is for those who are keen to have a go. You can download it HERE.

Home sustainability retrofits

A number of people have asked about service people who can do basic home upgrades (to reduce energy losses) at reasonable rates.

We are compiling a list of such resources. Meanwhile try the following (South Hobart area):

Andrew Doube
Home assessment, retrofit planning and installations.
Ph 0429 015 371

Myles Griffiths
Smithy’s Handyman Service
Ph: 6224 3357
Mob: 0439 882 357

Patric Collin
Mob: 0408 236 935

Daniel Tardy & Cathryn Wynn-Edwards
Small weatherproofing / landscaping jobs etc
Mob: 0415 696 323

Home Energy workshops

Dates for these are as follows: All start at 7.30pm.

102 Waterworks Rd Mon May 3
414a Strickland Ave, Wed May 5
152 Waterworks Wed May 12
14b Livingston Wed May 19
50 Bramble St Thurs May 20
195 Waterworks Rd May 24

Click on image to see details.

Please email us for queries.


Hello, if you are new to this site and are a householder wishing to contact us about the Climate Connect Project please email us at

A dedicated website link (Powerdown Tasmania) has now been set up so that project participants can find out the latest and contribute to the program.

Meanwhile, please feel free to peruse this community site. Feedback always welcome.

Home insulation demos

This Sunday, June 27, there will be two in-house demonstrations on home insulation.

Come and see how Clear Comfort window insulation can be cheaply installed on your windows – at 1pm, 136 Waterworks Rd.

Come and see how to retrofit insulation into a weatherboard wall cavity – at 3pm, 195 Waterworks Rd.

Hot water – how much heat are you losing?

The outstanding energy saving opportunity that came out of our Climate Connect Project was hot water cylinders.

Little do most people know how much energy is lost from them and how easy it is to cut back on those totally unnecessary losses.

So…. how much heat is being lost? Download our information summary HERE.

Saving energy as a sound investment

Plugging energy waste in your home can be one of those rare investments that provide a guaranteed financial return.

By way of comparison, this graph (click on it to enlarge) compares your dividend on $10,000 invested in Microsoft shares versus investment in home energy saving retrofit (for a 5 year period.)

What the chart doesn’t show is 1) many energy saving measures cost almost nothing and 2) expenditures in energy saving keep paying back, year after year, for the life of the home. Once they have paid themselves back they effectively become a continuing source of household income. Full story HERE.

Launch of our climate project

sign-home-web Many thanks to Claudia and Jason and family for use of their home for the belated formal launch of our climate project on Sunday (August 30).

We were blessed with a brief break in the continuous wet weather (as NSW sizzles in mid-Summer temperatures, breaking all records for August).

Here is a replica of the little garden signs that participating households will be displaying in their front yards.

This comes with a commitment: to reduce the household’s carbon footprint by 5% minimum per year. We aim to do everything we can to ensure that this commitment can be easily met, and that task will keep us very busy for the coming year!

And thanks too to Nel Smit, a community representative on Tasmania’s Climate Action Council, who launched the project for us on Sunday.

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Open Home Day (our own)

Here’s a chance to meet neighbours and discuss how we make our homes more comfortable and sustainable.

Join us on Sunday October 18 for a house-to-house visit and a sociable Sunday chat. (Please visit between 10 am and 2 pm.)

Six families are opening their home to see what they’ve already done (and are intending to do) to reduce their home’s footprint. This is not a showing off event it is an authentic sharing of ideas.

You can download a summary of each home below:
Ridgeway home: 23 Bramble St
Waterworks Rd homes: 101, 134, 144, 187, 195

At 2 pm there will be a mini Home Energy Workshop at 195 Waterworks.

For more information please ring Carol Ph 6223 4653.

Sustainable House Day

house-graphicSustainable houses throughout Australia will be opening their doors for you to look inside on Sunday 13th September.

See the real benefits of sustainable housing up close. Learn what you can do with your own home. Meet the professionals and find out about useful products.

Check out the sustainable house day website for house locations in Hobart area. Admission to all houses is free.

Want to be part of bulk insulation purchase?

Had a ring around places and compared square meter prices. All places said basically they need exact numbers in order to tell us about bulk discount. But all were willing to give some kind of discount and / or free delivery.

What does everybody think?

In order to get final figuers on discounts I will need final numbers. So please read the information below and let me know what type of insulation you need and how much and maybe how soon. Please differentiate wall and ceiling insulation and specify the R rating you want.

Any questions?? Just give me a call 6223 3332 or click HERE to email.

cheers Dorka – 101

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Ceiling insulation: what to buy?

The Home Energy Audit workshop we conducted in June was well received. We decided to investigate a bulk purchase of insulation blanket – the best thing most homes can do is improve the thickness of insulation in their ceilings.

So…. here is some info about Insulation blanket from ringing around various suppliers. 

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Home Expo – it's on again, don't miss it!

Come to the Sustainable Home Expo…. it’s on 1st week-end of November.

Home Expo

Green technologies, ideas, contacts, interesting talks… or just a place to catch up with friends.